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Too Much to Bear, My Love Chapter 905

Chapter 905 The Finale

“I’m sorry, Ms. Larson. Please spare me. I was hired by someone to do this. I’ve never thought something bad will happen to Mrs. Larson. This is just a mistake. Please spare me, I beg you.” The man flung himself on Jennifer and pleaded for forgiveness.

Jennifer was utterly confused. Yet, she realized something after looking at the pleading man before her eyes. She didn’t want to believe that her previous hatred toward Oscar and Amelia was merely a misunderstanding, as it would make her grudges seem like a cosmic joke.

Jennifer really didn’t want to believe any of this was true.

“Ms. Larson, we didn’t mind that you kept accusing Oscar and me of hurting your mom. But being misunderstood still made us feel uncomfortable somehow. So, I asked Oscar to find the culprit who poisoned your mom. We got lucky and found out it was this man’s doing. I think he will tell you the truth,” Amelia explained.

Jennifer’s lips shivered as she lowered her head and looked at the man kneeling in front of her, then said, “Tell me.”

“Ms. Larson, I was forced to do so by a foreigner named June. He gave me a huge amount of money and asked me to mix the drug into Mrs. Larson’s food but reassured me that nothing bad would happen. I agreed for the sake of money, but I never wanted to harm Mrs. Larson. Please believe me. I was horrified when the dog bit her, and I didn’t know she was dead after she went overseas,” the man said in a petrified tone.

Jennifer took a step backward and became dumbfounded. She had never expected the truth to be so ugly and cruel.

Jennifer’s lips trembled as she questioned, “Are you saying that it was June who instructed you to poison my mom?”

“I won’t lie to you anymore, Ms. Larson. At that time, he transferred a large sum of money to me via his bank account. You can fact-check this if you don’t believe me. There are three hundred thousand, and I have used none of the money.”

Jennifer glared at the man who used to be their family cook. Losing all control, she grabbed him and shook him violently.

“Why? Why did you do that? The Larsons have always been kind and generous to all our helpers. We would even prepare gifts for you during the festive seasons. Although my mom could be arrogant sometimes, she never mistreated you. How can you be so cruel to hurt her? Do you know she died because her chronic illness relapsed? She even died a painful death! My dad and I lost an important person. Why would you hurt her? Why?” Jennifer wailed in a desperate tone.

She was deeply affected because the people whom she once thought were her enemies turned out to be someone else. It was as if someone had destroyed everything she used to believe in.

“I didn’t do this on purpose, Ms. Larson. The temptation of money was too great for me. I never thought the drug would cause Mrs. Larson to become violent and psychotic. I beg you. Please spare me this time.”

“In your dreams! You killed my mom and ruined my family. I will make you spend the rest of your life in prison!” Jennifer said while gritting her teeth.

The man continued begging her.

After Jennifer was tired of beating the man up, she lifted her head to look at Oscar and Amelia with her reddened eyes. She then spoke in a raspy voice. “Mr. Clinton, Amelia, I owe you an apology if this is the truth. I will come to beg for forgiveness after I’ve dealt with my own issues. Please leave this person with me for now. I will return when I’ve settled the matter.”

“We can’t leave this person with you, Ms. Larson. We’re afraid you’ll do something silly. Let’s hand him to the cops instead. I’m sure the cops will help you get the justice you deserve,” said Amelia.

Jennifer looked at Amelia. The latter didn’t give in and stared back at Jennifer as well.

After a few minutes went by, Amelia spoke again. “Ms. Larson, I promised someone that I’ll forgive you and help you seek the truth, as long as you don’t make any mistakes that cross my boundaries. I’ve delivered my promise, so I can’t let you take this person with you to do something stupid. I’m sorry. Besides, the cops will be here soon. I believe they will seek justice for you.”

Jennifer smiled upon hearing Amelia’s words. However, the smile looked bitter. “All right. We’ll leave this person to the cops. I’ll go home first, and I’ll come back after I’ve settled everything on my hands.” With that, she turned around and left.

Just then, the police arrived. They arrested the man on the ground. Amelia went to them and said, “Thank you for coming. This man committed a crime that murdered someone indirectly, and it was very serious. Thus, it would be best if you interrogate him properly. Not only is this my instruction, but it’s also my husband’s. I’m sure the chief will agree.”

The police in the lead nodded his head in acknowledgment.

After the police took the man away, Oscar wrapped his arm around Amelia’s shoulder and asked, “Are you happy now?”

“I’m just doing this to help Carter. After all, it’s a pity for a perfect couple like them to miss out on each other,” Amelia answered while leaning against his chest.

However, Oscar’s opinion differed from Amelia’s. He thought it was difficult for Jennifer and Carter to get back together. Instead of compromising and staying in the relationship, perhaps it was the best outcome for Jennifer and Carter to stay apart. After all, if Jennifer remained bothered by this matter, it would be better for them to stay separated from the beginning.

Yet, Oscar didn’t express his opinion out loud.

After Jennifer left the farmstay, she returned to the Larson residence and didn’t step out of the house for two days. On the third day, she changed into a black outfit and left the house. No one knew where she went. Two months later, she appeared at the police station.

“June, why did you attack my mom?” Jennifer asked calmly while staring at June, who was sitting across from her with a tired look on his face. Although she wanted to murder June so badly, she believed karma would eventually hit him for all the crimes he had committed.

June scoffed. “You found out, huh? I was still planning to use you as my pawn to deal with Oscar. I didn’t expect you to find out so soon. Anyway, this is actually good as I feel bad about lying to a foolish woman like you.”

The look on Jennifer’s face shifted, and there was a hint of hatred in her eyes when she looked at June.

“You’re really ruthless, June. In order to fight against Oscar, you’re willing to attack my mom and set Oscar up as the scapegoat. But there’s a saying in Chanaea that goes, ‘what goes around comes around. Don’t you care about Cassie? Then let me destroy her for you so that you two can share the same fate,” Jennifer said smilingly.

There was a slight change in June’s expression, and he glared at Jennifer while gritting his teeth in fury. “If you dare touch her, I’ll kill you as soon as I get out of here.”

“In that case, we shall discuss further after you’re released. Having said that, who knows if you’ll ever leave this place. By then, even I don’t know where I’ll be.” Jennifer burst out laughing. “However, the woman you miss dearly won’t be as fortunate. What do you think I should do to her? Should I disfigure her face or cripple her? Perhaps I should cripple her. I think it’s better to turn her into a disabled person.”

“How dare you!” June lurched forward in agitation to strangle Jennifer, but the door was in his way.

“I’ll be taking my leave now, June. Soon, you’ll hear about Cassie’s tragic news. Do thank me by then.” Jennifer left the police station wearing a smile.

After exiting the facility, she contacted Cassie for them to meet at a coffee shop.

Cassie showed up in a relatively simple outfit.

“It feels like you’ve changed a lot, Ms. Yard,” Jennifer said.

Cassie ordered a cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee and responded with a faint smile.

“I didn’t change. I simply felt that the constant rivalries and strife were meaningless, so I went to a primary school in the rural area and become a volunteer. I just returned recently, and my skin has become darker from daily exposure to the sun. However, I think I’m leading a more fulfilling life now, and this is the lifestyle I long for. I realize I’ve wasted so much of my time after I reflected on how aimlessly I used to live,” Cassie said calmly.

Cassie appeared gentle and beautiful in her current peaceful and untroubled mien. She looked much more charming than when she behaved in an overbearing manner in the past.

A hint of surprise flashed across Jennifer’s eyes as she glanced at Cassie. She didn’t anticipate the latter would ever undergo such a transformation.

“You’re indeed very different from before. It has been approximately one year since we last met one another. I was under the assumption that you’ll be the epitome of human selfishness when I see you again. Unexpectedly, you’ve learned to think for others,” Jennifer said.

Cassie merely smiled in response.

A short while later, the waiter served the cup of coffee.

Cassie lifted the cup and took a sip of coffee. Then, she gazed at Jennifer.

“Do you know June is in trouble?”

“I heard my mom mentioned this earlier in the morning, and I plan to visit him tomorrow. After being involved with him for almost ten years, I didn’t expect him to end up in such a miserable state. Actually, I have indirectly caused all these things to happen. I’ll choose to go abroad with him if he can be released,” Cassie replied tenderly.

Jennifer chuckled.

“In some ways, you two are truly a match made in heaven.”

Cassie didn’t get mad.

“I owe him that much. Besides, I also owe Oscar and Amelia an apology, but I don’t plan to say that in person to them anymore. I’ll let time wash away the grudges between us.”

Glancing at Cassie, Jennifer could not help but admire her.

Subsequently, both of them fell silent, finished their coffee, and got up to leave.

Ultimately, Jennifer did not lay a finger on Cassie as she watched the latter’s car drive away. She didn’t feel the need to drag Cassie into the mess involving the grudge between June and her. Besides, she knew the chances for June to regain freedom were very slim.

After that, Jennifer went to meet with Amelia.

She held an exquisite box and handed it to Amelia.

“What’s this?” Amelia asked.

“This is for Carter, but I want to ask for your favor to pass this to him because I won’t be seeing him,” Jennifer replied.

Amelia didn’t reach out to receive the box. “You should give this to him personally. I think you should clarify things with him regardless of the outcome.”

Jennifer shook her head.

“That’s not necessary. We cannot be together anymore, so coming face-to-face with him doesn’t mean anything. Please help me hand this to him. Also, thank you for forgiving me. I should consider myself lucky that you’re not chasing me with a knife and threatening to kill me after all the things I’ve done,” Jennifer said.

Amelia eyed her. In the end, she stretched out her hand to take the box from Jennifer.

“What do you plan to do after this?” she asked.

“I’ll travel around, find a suitable man to get married and give birth to a child so that my dad can take care of the kid. Otherwise, he’ll be overthinking things if he has too much free time. I may not come here again in the future. Take care of yourself,” Jennifer answered with a smile.

Amelia stared at her. “Are you really not giving Carter another chance?”

“Let bygones be bygones. I don’t want my dad to be worried about me anymore.”

Amelia sighed inwardly and didn’t press that matter further.

Jennifer waved at Amelia. “Goodbye. I’m afraid we won’t see each other again following my departure this time.”

Amelia nodded.

After that, Jennifer left in her car. In the afternoon, she boarded a plane and went abroad, but no one knew which country she was heading to.

Carter’s gaze darkened, and he flashed a wry smile when he received the box Jennifer requested Amelia to pass to him.

“She left, after all,” he uttered in a deep voice.

“You can locate her if you’re willing to investigate her whereabouts.”

“There is no such need. I don’t want to disturb her since she has made the decision. I just want to know if she’s living a safe and peaceful life somewhere. My greediness to keep both women had caused her to slip through my fingers. And now, I don’t have the right to pursue her again,” Carter said while gently rubbing the delicate box in his hand.

Taking in his demeanor, Amelia couldn’t help feeling a little woeful. It is rather sad that not every couple who harbors mutual loving feelings will end up together.

“Amelia, thank you for sending Jennifer’s gift to me. I thought you two would never be able to reconcile. Unexpectedly, you two have restored a friendly relationship without me knowing,” he added.

Amelia merely smiled and shook her head.

“What are your plans after this?” she asked.

“I plan to put my work on hold and go on a holiday. I’ll return once I gather myself. Perhaps one day, Jennifer and I will stumble into one another at someplace. If that happens, I’ll pursue her again.”

“Good luck to you then.”

After chatting with him for some time, Amelia bid farewell to Carter and left.

In the blink of an eye, Amelia Hutton got married. Amelia Winters and Oscar attended her wedding.

She wore a red evening gown and strode toward Oscar and Amelia with her arms wrapped around her husband’s as a contented grin spread across her face.

“Amelia, Oscar, thank you for coming to my wedding. I’m glad you two are here,” Amelia Hutton chirped.

She turned to look at her husband. “Dear, this is the Amelia Winters I kept telling you about. We have the same first name. I already told you about her. Also, this is my brother-in-law, Oscar. He’s the heir to Clinton Corporations. I suppose you should’ve heard of this.”

“Oscar, Amelia, it’s a pleasure to meet with you. I’m Connor Jefferson.” Connor held out his arm magnanimously to shake Oscar’s hand. “Oscar, Amelia, you two can rest assured. I’ll take good care of my wife. She’s a wonderful woman,” Connor assured.

Amelia bobbed her head.

“Amelia, now that you’re married, you should rein in your temper and do your best to play your role as a caring wife and loving mother,” Amelia Winters said.

“Don’t worry, Amelia. I know what to do.”

Amelia Winters spoke to Amelia Hutton for a little longer before letting the newlyweds entertain the other guests.

“Please try out the food with Oscar. I’ll go and greet the other guests with Connor. Let’s talk further after the ceremony.”

Amelia bobbed her head slightly.

Amelia Hutton and Connor strode off with their hands locking each other. Amelia Winters gazed at their leaving figures from behind and muttered that the couple looked good together.

“As long as she doesn’t act up and trouble you, I’m willing to collaborate with the Jefferson family because she’s your younger sister,” Oscar said.

“What? Is our company cooperating with the Jefferson family in the future?”

“The Jefferson family is making plans for us to work together. Besides, they are considered one of the most prestigious families in Saspiuburg, so if I wish to establish a good reputation there and explore Saspiuburg’s market, collaborating with the Jefferson family may be a good choice,” he explained.

Amelia nodded.

“You can make the decision. I have no objections.”

At that moment, Benjamin walked over with a glass in his hand. He gazed at Amelia lovingly.


“It’s been a long time, Mr. Hutton.”

“Lia, it’s already been so long. Can you address me as your dad now? I think this would also be your mom’s wish before she passed away.”

Amelia looked at Benjamin, whose sideburns were beginning to turn white. A hint of sympathy rose within her heart.

“Dad,” she said.

Tears brimmed in Benjamin’s eyes when he heard her acknowledging him as her father. Even his hands, wrapped around the wine glass, trembled slightly.

“Good, good. Here, my son-in-law. Let’s have a drink,” Benjamin uttered excitedly while raising his glass.

Oscar was momentarily dazed before he came to his senses. Then, he lifted his glass and bumped it against Benjamin’s.

Benjamin gulped his wine and wiped off the wine trickling down the corner of his mouth.

“Oscar, you must treat Amelia well in the future. I haven’t taken good care of her in the past thirty years, and I even called her a b*stard and a jinx. I was wrong,” Benjamin croaked.

Only after losing Eleanor did he realize how many mistakes he had made previously.

“Cherish her and never let her suffer.” He could not help crying out loud. Benjamin had lived in torment for the last one and a half years.

“I will, Dad. Amelia is the only woman I love in this life. No one else can take her place,” Oscar replied wholeheartedly.

Hearing that, Benjamin guffawed in response. “Oscar, I feel much at ease after listening to your words.”

After the wedding ceremony ended, Benjamin personally sent Oscar and Amelia to the airport.

“Lia, come to Saspiuburg and visit me whenever you’re free. Old people like me tend to get sentimental and miss our family members as we age,” Benjamin said.

Amelia nodded in agreement.

“Oscar and I will come and see you whenever we have the time. We’ll bring Tony and Nolan along too.”


“Nolan is Oscar’s younger sister’s son. His sister passed away from an accident, so we adopted the kid. He’s one year old this year and has an endearing personality. I reckon you’ll like him when you meet him.”

Benjamin nodded but didn’t seem very excited after hearing her explanation.

“Dad, the plane is taking off soon. Oscar and I need to go through the security check now. You can fly to our city when you’re free too. I think Tony will be fond of you. He has grown up a lot now.”


After boarding the plane, Amelia and Oscar became absorbed in their respective work.

Two years later, every member of the Clinton family sat around the dining table to have their meal. A maid served a plate of fish on the table, and when Amelia caught whiffs of the fishy smell, she suddenly felt nauseous. The next second, she covered her mouth and hurriedly dashed to the washroom.

Taking in her reaction, Olivia was stunned for a few moments before a hint of pleasant surprise flashed across her eyes.

“Oscar, is your wife pregnant?” she chirped.

Oscar thought so too.

“I don’t know. I’ll take her to the hospital later for a health checkup.” He remembered Amelia’s menstrual cycle had been delayed for a fortnight. They had planned to visit the hospital tomorrow, but unexpectedly, she began showing signs of nausea so soon.

“We’ll go right away. I’ll accompany both of you. If she’s really pregnant, the Clinton family will be welcoming a new member. In this case, the atmosphere in the house is going to get merrier.”

Therefore, after waiting for Amelia to exit the washroom, Olivia and Oscar immediately took her to the hospital.

After undergoing a test, Amelia was confirmed to be pregnant and was in the first month of her pregnancy.

Olivia smiled from ear to ear and began nagging Amelia about all the things the latter needed to be mindful of, thoroughly treating Amelia as if that was her first time having a baby.

“Mom, don’t worry. I already gave birth to Tony.”

“Ah! Look at me. I was too excited and completely tossed that matter to the back of my mind. I’m just thrilled,” Olivia said cheerfully.

“Mom, why don’t you go back and take care of the two kids at home? Oscar and I will go and check on Tiff.”

“Derrick hasn’t regained consciousness yet?”

Amelia shook her head.

The smile on Olivia’s face wavered. “Tiff is also living a tough life.”

“Mom, who knows, this is perhaps a form of blessing to her.”

“You’re right.” Olivia nodded in agreement. As long as he’s not dead, there is hope for him to wake up.

After Olivia left, Oscar wrapped his arm around Amelia’s waist as they moved toward Derrick’s ward. At that moment, Tiffany was trimming his nails.

“Tiff,” Amelia called out.

Tiffany placed Derrick’s hand on the bed before she turned to beam at Amelia.

“You’re here. Take a seat. I’ll get both of you a glass of water.”

Then, Tiffany went to pour two glasses of water.

“How’s Derrick? Is he showing any responses?”

“Nothing has changed. I plan to bring him back to where I live and take care of him there. Perhaps he’ll recover with a change of environment.”

“That’s worth a shot.”

Looking at Tiffany, who had lost a lot of weight, Amelia felt her heartache. It seems there’s no telling when Derrick will wake up.

“Tiff, you need to take care of yourself too. Otherwise, I’ll be worried about you.”

“I will. I feel that I’m living a fulfilling life now. I’m taking care of him while writing my novels. His son is also addressing me as his mommy now. That child is quite adorable. His grandma even said she’s sending him to his first year of elementary school starting next year. A couple of days earlier, he even drew a picture of the three of us as a family,” Tiffany recounted while wearing a faint smile.

She was genuinely grateful that Derrick had only ended in a vegetative state instead of losing his life. At the very least, she could still hope for him to wake up someday. Tiffany remained energetic and motivated as long as there was still hope.

“As long as you’re happy, Tiff.”

Amelia and Oscar got up to leave after chatting with Tiffany for around an hour.

After ten months of pregnancy, a baby’s cry pierced the air sometime in the early morning. The nurse came out from the delivery room and announced the good news, “Congratulations, it’s a girl.”

Olivia heaved a sigh of relief and laughed out loud.

Meanwhile, Tiffany leaned against the door. She could not help curling her lips into a smile as she imagined the scene of Oscar gently kissing Amelia, who was drenched in sweat, inside the ward.

Inside the room, Oscar was indeed pecking Amelia on her forehead. Taking in her weak and exhausted state, he uttered affectionately, “Honey, thank you for giving birth to our adorable little princess.”

Amelia flashed a feeble but contented smile.

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Too Much to Bear, My Love

Too Much to Bear, My Love

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Amelia Winters knew that her husband had not gotten over his first love when they got married five years ago. She would never forget the way her husband pinched her chin and said, "You're nothing more than a substitute. Don't even start to think about anything other than money." Amelia had naively thought that her hsuband would eventually warm up to her and even fall in love with her one day, so long as she put in an effort to make their marriage work. Alas, she knew that her efforts were in vain as an epiphany hit her—no amount of effort would make a man fall in love with a woman. Five years later, Amelia would face a predicament when her husband's first love returned. Not only was the woman demanding for Amelia to divorce her husband, but she would also force Amelia to abort her baby...      

Chapter 1 Do I Need To Make Myself Clear

Amelia, I'm back. Oscar's mine now. As long as you leave him, I'll pay you twenty million in compensation. Amelia smirked upon reading the message on her phone. Apparently, the message was sent by the woman Oscar loved the most. And she who had left four years ago had given Amelia the “honor” of becoming her substitute. Amelia walked into the bedroom with the phone and gazed at the tall man standing in front of the window longingly. Standing fixedly for a while, she then strode over briskly and the pining look in her eyes faded. Wrapping her arms around his waist, she whispered, “Mr. Clinton, Ms. Yard has sent me another message. Should I call her and explain our relationship?” “There's no need for that,” replied Oscar in an aloof manner. “I've already instructed the lawyer to draft the divorce contract. All you've got to do is to sign it.” Feigning sadness, Amelia lamented, “That's such a pity. I was planning to make things difficult for her. Well, congratulations, Mr. Clinton, for winning your love back.” Even without glancing at her expression, Oscar could still tell the light-heartedness from her voice. If this woman is capable of feeling sad, it'll be a miracle. Amelia withdrew her hands and was about to leave when the man grabbed her and tugged her toward him, causing her to bump against his broad chest...................  


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