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You, Me and Our Genius Twins
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You, Me and Our Genius Twins

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Synopsis You, Me and Our Genius Twins

What’s better than a genius son? TWO genius sons! It’s an understatement to say that Madeline Taylor hit the lottery when she was pregnant with two boys who would later grow up to be child prodigies. Big hearts? Checked! Big brains? Checked! A big man they call ‘Dad’? Missing! Having solved a murder case at a parking lot one fine day, the two little boys were exposed to the public eye and were unknowingly identified by the Hart Family, and boy were they appalled by how the boys are an exact copy of their handsome and aloof young master, Sebastian Hart. While the man’s clueless of the origins of these mysterious pair of young boys, he’s determined to get to the bottom of the matter and be the superhero dad to these boys, but will he be able to? After all, the mother of these boys is quite the firecracker, and she will not hesitate to protect her precious twins at all costs!

Chapter 1 Genius Kids

It was a usual day in Dusktown, but not for one particular mall. Its parking lot was cordoned off, and a corpse covered in white cloth lay in the center of the parking lot. A group of people stood around the body, awaiting the police officers to conduct their questioning.

“I know who the killer is, mister!” A young boy aged four or five squeezed through the throng and tugged at the man whom the officers called ‘leader’.

Christopher looked down and was surprised to see that he was stopped by such an adorable boy.

He was in white tracksuit, and his face was perfectly sculpted. His eyes were big, round, and shining, his skin flawless and fair. Anyone who saw him would want to kiss him.

Christopher crouched down patiently and knelt on one knee. He asked gently, “Is that so? Tell me what you saw.”

“I saw nothing, but I can guess what happened.” He raised a finger and pointed at the crowd. “The killer is that lady in a white hat.”

Christopher looked at where the boy was pointing, and he saw a middle-aged woman glaring at the boy with panic and anger. “That’s nonsense, you brat!” She looked at Christopher. “Officer, you can’t listen to him. He’s just a four-year-old kid. He can’t possibly know anything about this.”

“My brother did not lie.” Another adorable boy came out. He was wearing the same kind of tracksuit his brother was wearing, though the color was different. His brother wore a white one, while his tracksuit was black. “Hi, mister. I’m Taylor. Quincy Taylor. And this is my brother, Joel.” He went up to Christopher and extended his hand while he made his introductions.

Well, these boys are precocious. Christopher was amused, and he entertained the boy by shaking his hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“My brother isn’t a liar, mister. That lady in the white hat is the killer.” Quincy looked at Christopher seriously.

Christopher noticed something wrong with that woman as well, but he wanted to know why the kids were so sure she was the killer. He asked, interested, “And how are you so sure she’s the killer?”


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