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The Legendary Man
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The Legendary Man

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Synopsis The Legendary Man

Four years ago, he left mysteriously on the night of their wedding. As a result, he was despised by his family. Now, four years has passed, and he triumphantly returns to her as the greatest warrior.



Chapter 1 The Return Of Asura

At Northern Crimson Prison located in Sanguine Desert, wind and sand swirled in the air, seemingly intent on submerging the entire prison.

The prison confined the most sadistic murderers in the world, including serial killers who were the world’s most wanted fugitives.

That aside, the Rainy Night Butcher who had slaughtered a family of more than a dozen people and top-notch hackers who had infiltrated the Sanctum were also imprisoned there.

Furthermore, the prison incarcerated the world’s top killer who had failed to assassinate the leader of a particular country but annihilated more than a dozen special forces before going on the lam.

Each and every single criminal imprisoned there had the blood of at least a dozen lives on their hands. Thus, their hands and legs were manacled with heavy iron chains.

In front of their prison cells were fully armed guards who kept watch 24/7.

The security was so tight that not even a fly could escape. However, there was an exception.

The man seemingly never killed anyone and hadn’t the slightest hint of murderous aura. In fact, it appeared as though he had been imprisoned there by mistake.

There were no chains on his hands or feet, and he wasn’t even wearing a prison uniform. No one knew his name, much less why he was being locked up in the prison.

All they knew was that he came to Northern Crimson Prison alone a year ago without the escort of any guards. And surprisingly, the look in the eyes of the prison guards when they regarded him showed a faint trace of reverence.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

A prison guard holding a tray in his hand knocked on the man’s prison door. “Mr. Goldstein, I’m here to deliver your meal!”

“Okay. Just put it down.”

The man didn’t even bother to lift his head as he toyed with a Desert Eagle in his hands. In less than a minute, he had already disassembled the Desert Eagle and reassembled it perfectly.

The speed of his hands was so swift that it would be nigh on impossible for even military personnel to trump him.

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