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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress
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The Divorced Billionaire Heiress

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Synopsis The Divorced Billionaire Heiress

Nicole Stanton, the richest young woman in the world, showed up low profile at the airport but she was immediately swarmed by reporters. Reporter: “Ms. Stanton, why did your three-year marriage with Mr. Ferguson come to an end?” She smiled and said, “Because I have to inherit my billion-dollar family fortune…” Reporter: “Are the rumors that you’ve been dating a dozen other young men within a month true?” Before the billionaire heiress could speak, an icy voice came from not far away. “No, that’s fake news.” Eric Ferguson stood out in the crowd. “I also have a billion-dollar net worth. Ms. Stanton, why don’t you inherit my family fortune?”

Chapter 1 Divorce


A message alert sounded.

[Please go to the hospital to donate blood as soon as possible.]

When Nicole saw this message, she was stunned for a moment like she had sustained a huge blow to her chest.

The sender’s name was “Hubby”.


Another message immediately followed. It was a notice from the bank that she had received a fund transfer of 500,000 dollars.

Nicole scrolled up to look at her message history with her husband.

[Remember to go to the hospital.]

[Fund Transfer: $500,000]

[Remember to come to the hospital to donate blood.]

[Fund Transfer: $500,000]

[Please come to the hospital right away.]

[Fund Transfer: $500,000]


In their three years of marriage, the time Nicole’s husband, Eric Ferguson, initiated contact with her was to ask her to go to the hospital to donate blood. To be exact, to sell blood. Nicole’s blood was sold to… Wendy Quade.

Eric also treated Nicole as a stranger throughout their marriage.

This month alone, Nicole had already given blood three times, which was more than her body could tolerate.

Nicole sat on the sofa as her eyes unconsciously became moist and started to blur. Yesterday while she was waiting for Eric to get off work, she stood in the rain for more than an hour, so she was feeling unwell and dizzy today and did not go into the office. Eric probably did not know that she had a fever either.

She coughed and held her phone, hesitating whether to reply. Suddenly, an unfamiliar number sent her a message that crushed her last ounce of perseverance and self-respect.

[Even if you are Mrs. Ferguson, you’re just a nominal wife and shamelessly occupy this position for three years. Has Eric ever looked at you once before? He slept over at my place last night. If I were you, I’d find a rope to hang myself. You’re just an interfering homewrecker!]

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