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Super Wife’s Three Babies
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Super Wife’s Three Babies

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Synopsis Super Wife’s Three Babies

A misunderstanding seven years ago resulted in Olivia Maxwell delivering a child for a man. And seven years later, she found herself being the mother to three kids instead and lost her temper as a result. She felt that Eugene Nolan was taking advantage of someone like her who bore grudges. The three angelic faces bowed in unison to beg her to forgive their father whereas he reminded her of the biological bond that they shared with the kids! The child was so happy for a brother that he wanted his parents to now give him a younger sister!



Chapter 1 The Man That Night

By the time Olivia Maxwell regained consciousness, it was the morning after. She walked along the main road in a daze, and a single, scorching hot tear rolled down her face unexpectedly.

Yesterday was her birthday. At first, she was going to meet up with her fiancé, Hugo Gray, for a date. However, she unexpectedly ran into him while he was cheating on her with her stepsister.

At that moment, the only thought that ran through her mind wasn’t to make a scene and question them with the only remaining shred of dignity she had left. She decided instead to give them a taste of their own medicine—an eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth. I’m going to get my revenge! I’m going to make them pay for this dearly!

In the beginning, she thought that everything had come to an end with that. However, she realized two months later that she was pregnant! Olivia felt cold all over as she stared at her stepsister standing in front of her. At the same time, her stepsister’s mocking expression stabbed into her heart painfully.

Anna Maxwell pretended to be shocked. “Olivia, weren’t you still dating Hugo two months ago? How could you do something like this to him?”

Olivia stared at Anna and sneered, “Aren’t you ashamed of what you did? Besides, whatever happens between Hugo and I is none of your business!” At the time, she only said that she wanted to break up and did not say anything about their disgusting cheating to preserve their dignity. However, she did not expect Anna to act so shamelessly. How dare she mention the events from back then?!

A flash of guilt flitted across Anna’s eyes. She had not expected Olivia to bring up the truth in front of their father right now. Thus, she pointed at Olivia and raised her voice, “Don’t talk nonsense! That night, you stayed out all night. Then, you broke up with Hugo the very next day. The only reason I agreed to take your place and become Hugo’s fiancée is for the sake of a successful union between our families. Even if you don’t understand my pain, you shouldn’t wrong me by saying such words!” As she spoke, her tears fell freely down her face.

Olivia’s stepmother, Amy Davis, had been sitting by the side. Just then, she hugged Anna and said in displeasure, “Olivia, you shouldn’t speak without evidence! You might not care for your own reputation, but your sister is still young. How is she going to hold her head up in society if you ruin her reputation?!”

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