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Separated by Fate, Reunited by Love
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Separated by Fate, Reunited by Love

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Synopsis Separated by Fate, Reunited by Love

Not only Rachel had fallen pregnant, Fate treated her badly as two of her quadruplets had been kidnapped to the Ford Family. Her own sister went to such lengths to exploit the children to marry into the Ford Family while leaving Rachel for dead. Five years later, Rachel brought her children and makes a glamorous return, which only serves to irritate her scheming sister, who repeatedly plots to have those surviving pair of twins with her and the Ford Family, no matter what! Jordan pins the woman to the bed with the challenge of kidnapping him, to which Shirley coldly retorts that he could dream on! However, moments after that, he heard her retching and couldn’t help but fear that he would have multiple sets of children!



Chapter 1 Please Save Me

The night sky was as dark as black ink. An agonized scream emerged from the storehouse in the backyard of Yates Residence. Rachel Yates’ countenance was as pale as white sheet while her dry lips were completely discolored.

She was suffering from a throbbing pain in her bulging belly as bright red blood was discharged from her vagina. Although she was only eight months pregnant, she had a feeling that she was about to deliver soon…

Am I going to have a preterm birth? It went without saying how dangerous it was for a preterm infant to be born at eight months’ gestation…

At this thought, Rachel did not dare to delay for even a second and dragged herself on all fours toward the door before she forcefully banged the door.

“Mr. Zane, I’m due to give birth. Please send me to the hospital. I’m begging you…”

Outside the room sat a man in his late forties, who was smoking. Hearing that, Marcus Zane grunted coldly, “Miss Rachel, the brat that you’re pregnant with is an illegitimate child whose father is unknown. Do you think Master and Madam will send you to the hospital to embarrass the family? Stay still and keep quiet!”

Rachel’s tears flowed down her cheeks uncontrollably. She became the biggest laughingstock in the city after reporters snapped compromising pictures of her in a hotel eight months ago.

Following that, she was discovered to have fallen pregnant. Francis Yates, her father, deemed her as an embarrassment to the family and forced her to abort the child. However, right before the abortion, Rachel suddenly jumped down from the bed and escaped.

She’d rather die than abort the child. As such, Francis ordered the servants to lock her up in this cramped room to make her stew in her own juices.

Being locked up for eight months, she had not stepped out of this storeroom ever since she was confined.

“Mr. Zane, I’m begging you… Please save my child or he’ll die… Please help me, Mr. Zane…”

As the sharp pains became increasingly intense, Rachel’s imploring voice weakened as well. However, the doorkeeper continued to smoke nonchalantly as if he had not heard her.

Patches of blood then gushed out from Rachel’s vagina, soaking her dress as blood covered her entire body. Grasping the door knob in desperation, she knocked the door insanely as she would definitely not allow the child to die in her womb!

“Have you lost your mind? What are you doing?!”

Marcus, who was sitting by the door, was annoyed by the ruckus, so he pulled the door open in a fit of rage. Ignoring the patches of blood, he grabbed Rachel’s hair and was just about to throw her back into the room when a cold voice emerged.

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