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Right Person, Wrong Time Novel
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Right Person, Wrong Time Novel

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Synopsis Right Person, Wrong Time Novel

Five years ago, she was set up by her stepsister. Five years later, she returned with all the success that life had to offer—including the position of Chief Designer! Colton Gardner arrogantly proclaimed that if she were to follow him, she would have all the earthly wonders—money, jewelry, properties, you name it. Anything that she asked for shall be granted. Such a proposition was rejected by Nicole Anderson, who countered that he instead had to bear responsibility for sleeping with her five years ago. His expression changed upon hearing that because he never expected the woman to not understand the meaning of a casual fling!

Chapter 1 Homecoming

It was a dark night when heavy curtains shrouded the room in complete darkness. Two bodies were pressing against each other in bed. The man’s breathing was heavy; he had a sturdy physique, and his manners were rough.

Nicole was so in pain that there were a few times when she had wanted to push the man away. However, upon thinking of her mother, who was in the hospital, she forced herself to fight back the urge to resist him. She gritted her teeth, letting him have his way with her again and again…

After a long, long time, the man finally fell into a deep sleep. Enduring the discomfort, Nicole staggered out of bed, put on her clothes, and left.

Wearing exquisite makeup, Queenie Anderson walked to the room door at a leisurely pace. “How did it go, sis? Did you service Young Master Joseph well?” Blatant smugness showed in her eyes when she saw Nicole’s sorry figure. So what if Nicole is pretty and excels in her studies? In the end, she only deserves to substitute for me, doesn’t she?

Nicole’s voice was cracked and gravelly as she gritted her teeth while lifting her stubborn and pretty little face up. “Don’t forget what you’ve promised me, Queenie.”

“The 200,000 has been transferred to your account,” Queenie replied while tossing Nicole’s cell phone back to the owner. Then, in a mean voice full of disdain and mockery, she added, “I won’t forget about that, of course. That’s the money you’ve prostituted yourself for, after all.”

Her venomous words stabbed Nicole in the heart like a dagger, but Nicole couldn’t be bothered that much. After taking back her phone, she rushed to the hospital. After Nicole completely disappeared from her sight, Queenie let out a cold snort and opened the door to the suite with a wiggle.

Joseph Mann was the Mann Family’s youngest son. Despite his unsavory reputation, his father, Robert Mann, was very fond of him, for Joseph was born when Robert was in his older years. Joseph was plied with drinks tonight, so he wouldn’t know about the switch. When he sees the blood in bed, he’ll definitely take responsibility for what has happened! If it weren’t for Joseph only preferring virgins, I wouldn’t have given up the opportunity to Nicole, that b*tch! Queenie thought to herself.

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