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Marry Me Quick Novel
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Marry Me Quick Novel

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Synopsis Marry Me Quick Novel

“No one in the whole of Yunzhou City would want to marry you, so if you really want the share, get married first!” Yunzhou City was an enormous place. However, there really might not be anyone who would be willing to marry her…

Chapter 1 She Had Parents but Nobody Raised Her

In a high-end club in Yunzhou City called Lumiere Jade House, Su Ziyue patted her red-strapped dress which barely covered her thighs and tied up her long, curly hair. After making sure that it was not in a mess, she then marched into the venue with her long, fair legs.

When she arrived at the entrance of the private room, the waiter opened the door for her before respectfully making a ‘welcome’ gesture. Su Ziyue turned her head and looked at the waiter as her red lips curled into a smile. “Thank you.”

She looked at the waiter with a look of satisfaction before leaving. Then, Su Ziyue turned around and entered the private room.

Her eyes casually swept around the room and her gaze was fixed on her cousin, Su Yige, who was sitting at the center, wearing a white dress. Her white dress covered her knees and her black hair draped over her shoulders. Her head was turned sideways while she was talking to someone else. She seemed extremely friendly, but of course, all that was just on the outside.

They had not met with each other for four years, but she still behaved like a b*tch. No, she should be an old b*tch by now.

The person beside Su Yige then nudged her in the arm before she turned her gaze toward the door.

“You’re finally here, Ziyue! I told you I’ll hold a party to welcome you. I thought you were not coming…” Su Yige pretended to walk over lovingly before holding her hands. While she was talking halfway, she pretended to be shocked by covering her mouth with her hands as she cried out, “Hey, why are you dressed like this?”

As she ran her fingers through her hair, there was a hint of coldness in Su Ziyue’s eyes. Nonetheless, she still put on a smile as she said, “You don’t like my dress? Oh, that’s right. You’re working at Grandpa’s company, so you’re always wearing formal attire. When have you seen an outfit like this before?”

Su Yige had a look of awkwardness. To maintain her reputation as a female idol, she had always worn clothes that were more prim and proper. Su Ziyue saw that she did not utter a word, so she lifted her chin and turned around before walking toward a desolated corner.

Su Ziyue held a glass of fruit juice in her hands while sipping on it. The moment she returned to the country, Su Yige had put on a show by inviting her to the event in front of Grandpa. Needless to say, she was up to no good.

However, she didn’t expect that a fat hand would immediately wrap itself around her waist the moment she sat down. Su Ziyue’s gaze turned cold and she instantly poured the glass of fruit juice onto the person who touched her.

Someone noticed the commotion here and yelled out, “Oh my, Young Master Mu!”

“Why did you do this? Hurry up and apologize to Young Master Mu!”

Su Yige walked over when she heard the commotion. “Ziyue, were you the one who poured the juice? Quick, apologize to Young Master Mu!”

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