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Love’s Change of Heart
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Love’s Change of Heart

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I'm Sorry, My Love
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Synopsis Love’s Change of Heart

Before their divorce, he regarded her as a vicious woman who would stop at nothing to achieve her goals. After their divorce, he had a change of heart where he was willing to consider reconciling with her. At that, she rejected his offer.

Chapter 1 I Wish You a Happy Divorce

‘Happy third wedding anniversary! Do come home earlier. I think you’ll like the surprise I’ve prepared.’

After sending the message out, Leanna McKinney placed her phone down before reentering the kitchen. She turned the stove off and proceeded to slice the vegetables while still having fun despite the busy moments of preparing a special dinner.

It was as if the ignored message did not affect her mood at all.

A servant who was standing beside Leanna then offered her assistance. “Madam, let me help you.”

“It’s alright. You can work on other things. I want to personally cook for him tonight.”

In response, the servant replied enviously, “Madam, you and Master really do love each other very much.”

Leanna did not respond as she pursed her lips.

Do Aidan and I look in love? More like an act rather than love…

At 7.00PM, the servant cleared the area knowingly as the man of the house, Aidan Pearson, arrived home.

Just as Leanna finished setting up the table, the heat radiating from the man shrouded her from behind before he held her jaw and violently kissed her lips.

Stunned for a split second, she then quickly pushed him away.

While holding onto her waist, Aidan pinched her chin and uttered emotionlessly, “Didn’t you tell me to get back earlier for this?”

“I didn’t. It’s our third wedding anniversary today, so I really do have a present for you.” Her voice was melodious when she explained.

After hearing that, he let go of her before adjusting his slightly wrinkled shirt and said, “I don’t need any presents from you. After all, you’ve given me more shocks than surprises.”


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