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Love of Tomorrow
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Love of Tomorrow

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Synopsis Love of Tomorrow

Five years ago, Vania Greyson’s heart was shattered by her fiance in a ruse and her children were given away one by one after childbirth. Five years later, she returned with a vengeance and multiple identities. Accompanying her on her journey were seven babies who continuously pampered their mother due to her sacrifice. Hanson Luke had a reputation of being a no-nonsense person in the business industry. He figured that winning his wife’s heart after she delivered the seven babies was an easy feat, but what stood in his way were the seven children themselves.

Chapter 1 Septuplets


A searing pain ripped through Vania Greyson’s body as her tears fell uncontrollably. The man on top of her was like a ruthless beast, his grip tight around her waist as he assailed her. Meanwhile, her heart continued to sink further into her stomach.

Today was the day that she successfully obtained an admission notice from the Hammond Art Academy, and her fiancé, Dylan Jones, had specially asked her to come to this place for a celebration. Unexpectedly, as soon as she entered, she was thrown onto the bed by a strange man.

After what seemed like eternity, the man on top of her finally released her and fell into a deep sleep. Vania pushed him away strenuously before she stumbled her way out of the room. Her clothes were a mess, and her eyes were red and swollen; it wouldn’t take a genius to figure out what had just happened to her.

At that moment, Melanie Greyson, who was hiding in a corner with a cruel and twisted smile, had her phone in her hands and was taking pictures of Vania in her terrible state. Now, she just needed to hand these pictures off to the reporters and Vania would never be able to show her face to the Greyson Family ever again!

It was only after Vania was long gone that Melanie leisurely walked to the room and swiped a key card to enter before she turned the lights on with a snap. The man on the bed was still in a deep sleep when she went inside. Waving the murky air in disgust with one hand, Melanie threw a card onto the man’s body with the other. “You did well. There’s 30,000 on this card.”

At this moment, the man flipped over and his handsome features were revealed before Melanie’s eyes just when she was about to leave, which caused her eyes to widen in shock.

H-He’s Hanson Luke?! The head of Luke Corporation, a proud and cruel yet extremely capable man who stood on the highest peak of Hillsworth! How did he get into this room? Why did that b*tch, Vania, hit the jackpot?!

Eight months later, in the ward of a top hospital, a big-bellied Vania rested on the bed. Her eyes were gentle as she looked at her large stomach, her hands gently caressing it.

After she had been set up by Melanie that night, her fiancé canceled their engagement and she was also chased out from the Greyson Residence with nowhere else to call home. Everyone trusted Melanie, and nobody was willing to believe that Vania had actually been framed by her seemingly innocent sister.

That day, she lost everything—her lover, her family, and her home. Her world had been completely flipped upside down.

All of a sudden, she fell under the weather one day, only to find out that she was pregnant upon going for a checkup. The doctor informed her that she was having quintuplets, which was an extremely rare phenomenon. Although it was an accident and she didn’t even know who their father was, she was left with nothing except her children.

Hence, she decided to give birth to these five innocent lives and swore to try her best to take care of her babies.

Slam! The door of the ward was thrown open.

At the sight of the newcomer, Vania subconsciously protected her swollen stomach and asked sharply, “Melanie? Who let you in? Get out now.”

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