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I Am Unstoppable Novel
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I Am Unstoppable Novel

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Synopsis I Am Unstoppable Novel

Jonathan Lawson isn’t only a proud security guard, but he is also the most bullish one. Living in a prosperous city, he is on a journey to be tested and eventually gaining achievements with great talents and extraordinary wisdom.

Chapter 1 Catching The Thieves

July in Horington was extremely hot.

Jonathan Lawson and his colleague, Harrison, were on their night shifts. The still night felt extremely silent and lonely.

Harrison was enjoying a film on his phone. To be precise, he was watching an adult movie.

“Jon, let’s watch together. This female is amazingly sexy.” Harrison invited Jonathan to join him.

Jonathan did not look at him and said, “What’s fun with two men watching it? If you’re a woman, then I’ll watch it together with you.” His response caused Harrison to snicker. “Never knew you’re also a flirt, Jon.”

Jonathan countered, “You don’t know anything. I bet you never tried it with a woman, or else you wouldn’t be relying on these films.”

Harrison was instantly hooked by his reply. He put down his phone and asked, “Have you gotten it on with a woman before, Jon?”

Jonathan scoffed at him, “I’m already twenty-six. What makes you think I’m still a virgin?”

“Tell me about it,” Harrison prompted in an interested tone.

Jonathan touched his nose and replied nonchalantly, “No. What’s there to say anyway.”

Harrison was about to beg Jonathan for the details, but the look in Jonathan’s eyes changed when he caught something on the CCTV footage.

The footage showed two unfamiliar men getting into the elevator.

Harrison sensed his change and asked, “What’s wrong, Jon?”

Jonathan immediately enlarged the footage inside the elevator and said, “I don’t remember seeing these two men before.”

Harrison replied, “There are more than a thousand families in this area; how could you possibly recognize everyone?”

Jonathan lowered his voice and remarked, “Something’s not right. I don’t see them entering. so they must’ve climbed over the walls while we’re not paying attention.”

“Maybe you just overlooked them since there are so many people going in and out?” Harrison suggested.

Jonathan ignored Harrison and continued to watch the two men until they got off the elevator on the twenty-ninth floor.

He told Harrison, “Wait here. I’ll just go and have a quick look.”

Harrison thought he was being too sensitive, but he complied nevertheless.

Jonathan exited the office and went straight to the elevator. He knew there were two units on the twenty-ninth floor. One of the occupants was away on vacation, while the other unit was occupied by a divorced woman.

The divorced woman had no friends, and these men probably found out about it, so they were planning something evil.

Jonathan liked the woman who looked around twenty-eight years old; she was very beautiful, mature, and sexy.

To summarize it all, she was a walking goddess on earth, and anyone would be willing to die at her feet. Jonathan could not even fathom why such a woman would be a divorcee.

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