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Edgar and His Destined Wife
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Edgar and His Destined Wife

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Synopsis Edgar and His Destined Wife

They had been married for two years, but Jean had only seen Edgar once – at her father’s funeral. “I only married you to get back at your disgusting father, now that he’s finally dead, it’s time for you to pay for his sins.” He did the unthinkable to her, but on the following day, announced his marriage to another woman, leaving Jean with nothing after the divorce. That was not the worst of it. What came after were tough interviews, facing jailtime, and what felt like a neverending downward spiral. It was at this point when Jean finally realized that Edgar hated her to the bones…



Chapter 1 Funeral

There was a funeral at Westburgh Cemetery.

Jean Eyer was dressed in black and stood quietly among the crowd as her late father’s friends came to her to express their condolences.

Someone said in a low tone, “My condolences, Ms. Eyer.”

Jean wiped her tears and thanked the mourner.

A month ago, Eyer Group wound up and shuttered. Furthermore, her father suffered a heart attack and passed away.

In an instant, the once prominent Eyer family was gone.

Despite her family’s downfall, people still mourned her loss and did not dare to look down on her.

It was because she was not only the daughter of the Eyer family but the wife of a man who conquered the business world and was feared by all. He was the revered president of Royden Group, Edgar Royden.

The funeral proceeded until noon, but Edgar still did not show up. When the funeral was about to end, an inconspicuous Bentley traveled into the cemetery.

Then, the driver got out and opened the passenger door. Edgar stepped out of the car dressed in a pressed tailored suit and shiny polished leather shoes. He had a handsome face with well-formed facial features. However, his eyes were cold.

This was Jean’s first time seeing Edgar since marrying him two years ago. It was ironic that she finally saw him again at her father’s funeral.

While all the mourners brought flowers and other gifts, Edgar came empty-handed.

“Edgar.” What was even more shocking was that a sultry woman in a short red dress came out of his car and held his arm. “Do I have to go in too?”

Edgar’s expression softened slightly as he looked at her. He unfurled her fingers from his arm and said, “Wait for me in the car.”

“Okay.” The woman smiled and stood on tiptoes to kiss his cheek.

That scene was akin to a hard slap on Jean’s face.

They were now at her father’s funeral. That woman not only disrespected Jean’s father by wearing red, but she also kissed Jean’s husband with all the mourners watching.

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