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Divorce Anxiety
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Divorce Anxiety

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All Too Late
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Synopsis Divorce Anxiety

Nothing is more devastating than returning home only to be presented with divorce papers by your own husband. Unfortunately, that is the reality for Kathleen Johnson. She tries to change his mind by reasoning that she is pregnant with his child, not expecting that he would so emotionlessly tell her to have an abortion. Their relationship doesn’t involve mutual feelings anyway, for her husband Samuel Macari has another woman in his life, whom he deems as his savior. However, when Kathleen finally agrees to divorce him, he finds himself reluctant to do so. Hence, he holds on. When things go south, she loses her trust in him. After their divorce, can he win her back? Can he make her fall for him again?

Chapter 1 The Return Of His First Crush

Kathleen Johnson was sitting on the bed with a blanket wrapped around her.

There were small red bruises on her exposed smooth shoulder and delicate collarbone. Although she was in a daze, it was undeniable that she still looked sexy.

The sound of running water from the bathroom stopped abruptly, and Samuel Macari came out of the bathroom with a white towel wrapped around his waist after a while.

He had broad shoulders, a lean body, well-defined abs, and the chiseled features of a male model. No, he looked much better than a male model.

“Why are you in a daze?” Samuel’s deep and magnetic voice rang out. “Have you thought of what you want?”

Kathleen regained her senses. She swallowed a lump in her throat as she looked at the man’s muscular body.

“Is it okay if we don’t get a divorce?” Her voice was sweet as usual, and her eyes were filled with a hint of innocence and misery.

“Why have you become so ignorant all of a sudden?” Samuel looked at her gently yet coldly at the same time. “Nicolette is back.”

Kathleen’s heart sank.

Of course, I know that Nicolette is back.

Nicolette Yoeger was Samuel’s childhood sweetheart.

Unfortunately, she was not welcomed in the Yoeger family, as she was an illegitimate child.

Thus, the Macari family did not agree with Samuel marrying her.

Kathleen, on the other hand, had a clean family background, and she was not the illegitimate child of a rich family.

Indeed, her background was very immaculate.

Her parents were ordinary doctors, who had unfortunately passed away in an effort to rescue Samuel’s grandmother, Diana Lane, from a fire.

The couple had sacrificed themselves in order to save her.

To thank the couple and prevent Samuel from marrying Nicolette, Diana had forced Samuel to marry Kathleen.

Back then, Diana had been in poor health, and the doctor had issued several notices of critical illness to Samuel.

Samuel did not have any choice but to agree to the arranged marriage.

He had told Kathleen that he would not fall in love with her and that everything was done so that Diana would be at ease.

Kathleen naturally understood.

She looked very much like a harmless little rabbit. She was gentle and thoughtful and was never a competitive person.

Thus, he had assured her by saying, “As long as you are still Mrs. Macari, I will not let you suffer. We will get a divorce three years later, and I will compensate you when the time comes.”

Kathleen looked at him meekly.

I married him not because of his money, but because I wanted to fulfill a dream from my youth. And the dream is shattered now. It’s time for me to face the reality. I’ve been gentle and obedient for three years, but I just couldn’t let this man fall in love with me. How pathetic of me!

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