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Celebrity Girl Is My Wife
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Celebrity Girl Is My Wife

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My Wife Is a Superstar
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Synopsis Celebrity Girl Is My Wife

An absurd one-night affair blessed her with a precious pair of twins. Alas, unwelcoming circumstances and hostility toward her pregnancy spark her resolve to flee. It took years before she finally returned with her two children — The second child declared, “Our number one task right now is to find Mommy a boyfriend.” The first child nodded to that. The second child then thought of something and quickly added, “But what if Daddy suddenly appears when Mommy gets a boyfriend?” A frown instantly crept up the first child’s face. Yet, the second child spoke again. “Hmm. How about this? We’ll let Daddy stay with us if he’s handsome. But if he’s ugly, then we’ll kick him to the curb!” Once again, the first child nodded — Their daddy better watch out because his adorable twins are now in town!

Chapter 1 Left With No Choice

“Ning Ran, please don’t blame Daddy for being heartless. His company has suffered losses recently. Hence, there really isn’t much money to spare. Besides, settling your mom’s medical bills has been like tossing money into a bottomless pit.”

Luo Fei’s voice was gentle yet scornful.

Suddenly, she changed her voice to a much gentler tone, “Ning Ran, we are sisters and I really want to help you. You will get a million so long as you promise to do that for me. You can use the money to cover your mother’s medical bills.”

A shiver ran down Ning Ran as she knelt beside her mother’s bed and started trembling.

Luo Fei was not bothered with her silence, “Ning Ran, you’d better think it through. Your mother will die if you don’t do that. Do you really want to see her die?”

Ning Ran’s eyes reddened and she felt a throbbing pain inside as if she was stabbed by a blade.

I can’t let my mom die! Definitely not!

“I’ll do it.” A hint of despair flashed through her eyes.

Luo Fei smiled, “That’s more like it.”

They were at the Orchid Club an hour later.

Ning Ran was still hesitating but Luo Fei shoved her into a dark room.

Then, a man pounced on her like an animal in the darkness.

Ning Ran endured the pain while hoping for this nightmare to end as soon as possible.

However, this nightmare was an abyss which constantly pulled her deeper inside…

In the next room, Luo Fei scrolled through her phone casually.

Director Feng was unexpectedly fit despite being in his fifties.

Luo Fei was thrilled when she thought about how the sweet and naive Ning Ran was being deflowered by someone like him.

She wanted to see how Ning Ran was going to hold her head up high like before after this.

Director Feng was the chief director of a huge show The Sound of Thunder. He made it clear to Luo Fei that the role of leading actress would be hers as long as she was ‘obedient’.

But she didn’t want to sleep with a disgusting and greasy old man like Feng. Hence, the most ideal solution was to arrange for Ning Ran to take her place instead.


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